5 Dream Places for St. Valentine’s Day

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It is again this time of the year when love is in the air everywhere you look! St. Valentine’s Day comes to remind us how much we cherish our couple, but it is also а great occasion to spend quality time together on a romantic spot. Here are 5 ideas on where to celebrate your love on this special day 🙂

Bali, Indonesia



No wonder why in Eat Pray Love from all places in the world Liz falls in love exactly while on Bali! Once you step on this island, you will start believing in magic and open all your senses for love. Imagine joyful colors, stunning volcanos, mystic temples, endless rice fields and all that surrounded with the scent of flowers and tea herbs! Exploring Bali with your couple is unforgettable, we promise ☺

NB! All said refers to our experience in Central and North Bali. If you want to experience real Bali skip the commercial parts which are mainly in Kuta, Denpasar and the surroundings.

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Paris, France



Paris will never become a cliché! There is something extraordinary about this city, it just smells like romance while you are walking on the streets. Every sense of your body awakens for love whether you are cruising on river Seine, starring at the dazzling Eiffel Tower or just accidentally getting lost in Montparnasse’s picturesque streets. It is hard to explain that feeling, you have to experience it! And there is nothing more special than experiencing it with your loved one!

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Koh Yao Noi, Thailand



Thailand has to offer an island for any need ☺ Koh Tao Noi is definitely the best one for honeymooners. Away from the crowds but very well located so that you can explore the rest of the Thai islands, but still keep your private romance untouched. No commercial spots, wild nature, but still comfortable and cozy places to get a glass of wine and enjoy the view. If you are looking for such an experience Koh Yao Noi is the place!

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Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria



Not a beach lover and looking for a cozy mountain spot? We couldn’t help but mention a great small city in the heart of our country! Hidden in the mountiains, Koprivstitsa has preserved the national traditions and spirit and knows how to show them to you in a unique way. Enjoy long days walking in the snowy mountains or eating delicious Bulgarian dishes by the cozy fireplace. It feels like time has stopped here to let you create wonderful memories with your loved one.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia


This is the romantic spot on our wish list! Bora Bora seems to be a real paradise on Earth among the islands of French Polynesia. Not as famous as his bigger brothers and 18 km away from Bora-Bora, is Tupai – the perfect place for a couple in love! It’s the most romantic wedding spot in Tahiti and a world known place to make the next move and get engaged. No more words are left to describe this beauty!

We hope this will inspire you and let your creativity come up with the best experience for your loved one! No matter where you are going to spent St. Valentine’s holiday, remember that it is not the place but the feeling that will make your day ☺

We promise more blog posts coming soon, but for now we are off to celebrate St. Valentines day. Sorry ☺ We chose to go skiing and this adventure promises to be big fun time since Rozi can’t ski ☺

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