7 Months Road Trip across Australia – Interview with Two Drifters

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  • Who are the Two Drifters 🙂

Hi! We’re Amy & Nathan, an engaged couple whose shared passion is travel. While we plan for our 2016 wedding, we are staying put in North Carolina for the time being, and intend to head back to the open road next summer.


Meet the Two Drifters

  • Where was your favorite trip so far? Why?

Our favorite trip together was Australia. We spent 7 glorious months there in 2014. We bought a campervan and drove around the entire country camping and exploring.


Hike in Australia – Two Drifters

  • Can you share the top 3 things to do in that destination?

The top 3 things to do in Australia would be:


1. Visit Western Australia
The coastline over there is gorgeous, and receives far less visitors than the east. From Perth all the way up to Broome in the north, WA is such a beautiful, diverse, and exciting part of Australia.

Kalbarri Gorge, Australia

Kalbarri Gorge, Australia

2. Swim with whale sharks
On the Ningaloo Reef near Exmouth, Western Australia, you can swim with whale sharks, the largest fish in the sea. Not only is the water incredible over there in the Indian Ocean, but the experience of getting up close and personal with such a massive and fascinating creature is truly unforgettable.

Kalbarri cliffs, Australia

Kalbarri cliffs, Australia

3. Drive the Great Ocean Road
Along the coast of Victoria, a couple hours from Melbourne, you’ll find the iconic Great Ocean Road. This stretch of highway is well known for its spectacular scenery. If you’re a photographer, this is one of the best places to go in all of Australia.

  • What are the people and culture like over there? Any interesting fact about them?

We found Australians to be a real combination of Americans and the English. Culturally, they are perhaps more like Americans. The people we met were all very friendly, welcoming, and helpful. They are a hearty people, especially those in the outback, and seem prepared for anything.

  • How can we best prepare for visiting that destination? Any particular things one should do, pack or expect before the trip?

Many first-time visitors to Australia expect that the country is filled with poisonous, deadly creatures just waiting to attack them. Sure there are sharks, saltwater crocodiles, spiders, scorpions, lethal jellyfish, and numerous venomous snakes, but we never encountered ANY of those things, and really, Australia feels incredibly safe.


Road Trip in Australia – Two Drifters

  • Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you during that trip?

I don’t know if there is a single memory that stands out as the most interesting. Every day there was so fresh and unique. We did so many amazing things like visiting a town where most of the inhabitants live under ground, we house sat for a cow that kept escaping, we swam in a natural hot springs, we worked at a bed and breakfast and helped serve food at weddings, and we saw more wild kangaroos, emu, and cows than I could ever explain.

  • You are a great travelling couple, can you share few words on the happiness to enjoy travelling with your beloved one.

It’s such a joy to have found someone who loves traveling and is willing to pack up and go on almost any adventure. I think you find the right person when you do what you love. Pursuing your dreams and goals often leads you to the love of your life. We were both traveling when we met!

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We’d urge you to get out and experience all the world has to offer. It’s not about seeing as many countries as possible. It’s quality, rather than quantity that matters. The most amazing experiences and encounters are just waiting to be had. Go get ‘em!

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