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10362359_789983934370022_4608494653175321725_nOnce upon a time there was a boy and a girl who breathed under the same sky and were both dreaming and living for exploring the world via travelling. One day, they met and fell in love… This is a fairy tale about adventures, discoveries and something more… This is our fairytale, the one of the Storytelling Travellers and we would be happy to share it with you on this blog 🙂

How Storytelling Travellers will inspire and help you travel the world?

In our blog you will find ideas about your future trips and useful information on how to organise those in an easy and cheap way. We will share our experience with travelling and living abroad in order to inspire and provoke you to discover the world! But Storytelling Travellers is not only about Ivo and Rozi’s stories. Our dream is to create an open and fun community where all travellers and wanna-be adventurers can share ideas, tips and laugh at each other’s experiences. Therefore, we invite you all to jump in the conversation either by commenting on the blog posts or creating one yourself. We hope to meet you one day somewhere around world! Until then, let’s travel together online 🙂

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Meet Ivo

Hi everyone, I’m Ivo. 34 years old, born and raised in Bulgaria. When I was little, I used to be a crazy kid, doing all “bad” stuff on a daily basis. But I travelled a lot in Europe during my early 20s and it was then when I started feeling that unstoppable tickling for being on the road all the time. I moved to the US and lived in DC, Delaware, Florida and Illinois and travelled more than 40 states during my years spent overseas. Besides travelling I’m crazy about cars and motorcycles like every other boy 🙂 I am also passionate about photography and mountain climbing – my highest peak so far is 6100m and I am aiming at 7000 on my next climb. Besides that my bucket list is quite simple – 7 continents, 107 countries and 1007 cities (don’t ask me why 🙂 )

What do you do for living?
IT Engineering

How many countries have you visited?
38 so far on 4 continents

Which is your favorite destination so far and why?
Peru I guess. It has it all – beaches, surfing, mountains, jungle, deserts, canyons, not to mention Iquitos – largest city in the world that is inaccessible by road, sand dunes boarding in Hucacachina, unique Nasca lines, the highest lake in the world – Lake Titikaka and last but not least – Machu Picchu!

Which is you craziest adventure?
Biking the world’s deadliest road in Bolivia without tour guide.

Anything spicy for you/Random fact?
Drove with 160mph on Interstate within city limits 🙂

What do you dream of?
Being independent of location, job and the corporate world. I dream of being able to travel full time with Rozi as a way of living 🙂

Meet Rozi

Hello world, I am Rozi! Once upon a time, I dreamt of becoming an actress but life led me to being the star behind the curtains and the person to inspire brands on how to tell stories on social media. My biggest passion in life though I found in travelling and discovering the wonders of the world! You can’t imagine how my heart races every time I open the backpack and fill it with dreams of new cultures, exotic beaches, wild animals and mysterious adventures.

One day I met a boy who was breathing, living and dreaming of discovery via traveling just like me. We fell in love. And what do you do when you fall in love? You start of blog, of course 🙂

After living in Paris, NYC and Sofia, I can say that I am a true citizen of the world and I can’t wait to share all our travel stories with all of you!

What do you do for living?
Social Media and Content Marketing

How many countries have you visited?
34 so far on 4 continents

Which is your favorite destination so far and why?
Sri Lanka – because it is colourful, non-commercial and real! You can enjoy wild beaches, endless rice fields, picturesque mountains, peaceful Buddhist temples, vivid culture… Most of all you feel the better part of yourself there. I can’t explain it, you should experience it 🙂

Which is you craziest adventure?
Ski Diving in the wild 🙂

Anything spicy for you/Random fact?
All creepy creatures like insects, reptiles, etc. love me so wherever I go I end up with juicy stories with mystery attacks 🙂 This might end up not in a blog post but a book or TV show, so stay tunned!

What do you dream of?
Being able to enjoy freely the world and all its wonders with Ivo! Oh, and of course opening a beach bar on a small ocean island.

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