There can Never be a Bad Day in Paris – Interview with Travel Pray Love

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  • Who are the Travel Pray Love 🙂

Hello! I’m Jaimee Nicole, travel/immigration blogger over at Travel Pray Love. I’m a Canadian travel blogger based/living in Belgium. I’ve been traveling with my Belgian boyfriend since 2011, and our blog is almost a year old!

Paris Street View

Paris Street View

  • Where was your favorite trip so far? Why?

The best trip I’ve been on so far has been with my sister in Paris. I loved this trip because basically everything was going wrong. As funny as that sounds, by the time we got there we were so laid back because we just wanted to have fun and stop worrying about every little thing!

We missed out on a few attractions and had to pay way too much for a train back to Belgium, but by the end of the first day we were sipping cheap wine in front of the Eiffel Tower. Watching the lights sparkle, that’s when I realized – there can never be a BAD day in Paristhere can never be a BAD day in Paris.

Eiffel Tower at Night

Eiffel Tower at Night

  • Can you share the top 3 things to do in that destination?

1. You definitely HAVE to grab a blanket and sit in front of the Eiffel Tower at night. There are vendors that go around selling roses and wines/champagnes, and the sparkling lights are so mesmerizing. It’s just a great way to end your day in Paris.

2. I absolutely loved this little bar (near Pont Neuf) called The Great Canadian Pub. As a Canadian, it was so refreshing to walk into a bar and see hockey playing on the televisions and our native beer drafts on tap. Even if you’re not a Canadian, it’s just a good place to have a drink and relax. It’s right on the tour route (near Notre Dame), so you can’t miss it!

3. Climbing to the top of the Notre Dame is something I have always wanted to do. the photos I’ve seen from other blogger who have done it are just extraordinary. I still haven’t made it to the top yet (even after standing in the 3 hour line…). I have visited the city twice and apparently just have really bad luck there, but like I said … never a bad day in Paris.

  • What are the people and culture like over there? Any interesting fact about them?

I find it really interesting how the French are very reluctant to speak any language other then French. Of course, at the tourist locations and restaurants nearby there will be someone speaking multiple languages, but stopping someone on the street to ask for directions in English is a bit tricky.

Arc du Triomphe

Arc du Triomphe

  • How can we best prepare for visiting that destination? Any particular things one should do, pack or expect before the trip?

WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: 24 hours is just not enough time in Paris. I’ve done it twice, and still haven’t seen everything. BOOK MORE TIME!

WHAT TO PACK: I would also pack multiple devices (camera, smartphone and/or tablet) because you will be wanting to take a ton of photos and I’ve had my camera die halfway through our day.

WHERE TO STAY: The hotel we like to stay at is Hotel Prince (located 5 minutes from the Eiffel Tower). It’s cheap, reasonably clean and centrally located.

OTHER: Beware of scammers. A lot of people gather near the Eiffel Tower and try to scam you into contributing to some charity that actually doesn’t exist, or rope you in with the bracelet scam. This has happened to me twice, causing us to lose about 40 euro.

  • Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you during that trip?

The thing that pops into my mind when I think about Paris is sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower, all lit up at night – drinking cheap wine, huddled into a blanket with my sister. I can guarantee you (even if you have had a terrible day), spending a few hours in the dark staring up at the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower with someone you love will be the best way you could end your day.

Wine by the Eiffel Tower

Wine by the Eiffel Tower

  • You are a great travelling couple, can you share few words on the happiness to enjoy travelling with your beloved one.

We travel. He inspires me. I write. We (hope to) inspire others.

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My name is Jaimee, I run the travel/immigration blog Travel Pray Love. In 2011 I met my Belgian online and we began our long distance love affair. I eventually left my career and moved to Belgium to live with him. Now we travel, he inspires me and I write. I would love to share our experiences with you. Feel free to check out our website!

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