Falling in Love with the Philippines – Interview with Girl, Unspotted

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  • Present yourselves please 🙂

We’re Erica and Derick, from Nevada and California, but currently sojourned in the Philippines. We met in Manila in 2009. I (Erica or Girl, Unspotted) enjoy virgin beaches in secluded islands, while Derick likes metropolitan cities. But wherever we find ourselves in, it’s definitely an adventure for both of us.

Palawan, Philippines

  • Where was your favorite trip so far? Why?

The island of Coron in Palawan, Philippines was the very first trip we took together and we loved every bit of it. It’s one of the most beautiful places here in the Philippines and it was just the perfect setting to fall in love with each other at the time.

Palawan, Philippines

  • Can you share the top 3 things to do in that destination?

Kayangan Lake is this beautiful hidden spot where you have to take a boat and hike a little until you reach the lake where fresh water and salt water meets. You can take a bamboo raft to explore the area a little bit, or you can just swim in the clear waters. It’s a complete isolated paradise especially if you catch it on a slow day like we did where no one was around.

Palawan, Philippines


Snorkeling and scuba diving in Coron is one of the main attraction. The abundance of the marine life is definitely not to be missed. There is also a site where you can snorkel with a sunken ship which was both fun and exhilarating to experience.

Our favorite, however, was Banana island. It’s this secluded island where everything is just the epitome of your authentic tropical dreams. The water was absolutely lovely and blue, while the sand was as immaculate and powdery as it could get. You don’t need to swim very far until the fish starts to approach you. We spent the entire day basking in the sun, chilling in the hammock, and drinking fresh coconut juice. Before we left, we took a short boat ride to the sandbar behind the island.

Palawan, Philippines

  • What are the people and culture like over there? Any interesting fact about them?

Filipino people are always such wonderful and hospitable hosts. They’re very friendly and are always smiling. They live a simple life but their happiness is genuine and infectious!

Palawan, Philippines

  • How can we best prepare for visiting that destination? Any particular things one should do, pack or expect before the trip?

Just your swimsuits and lots of sunblock! Maybe your own snorkel gear, but you can rent them there too.

  • Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you during that trip?

The boat ride we took to Banana island was quite scary. It was a small boat, but the waves that day were pretty strong. It shook our boat left and right, but an hour later, we reached the mecca and it was definitely worth the fright.

Banana Island Trip, Philippines

  • You are a great travelling couple, can you share few words on the happiness to enjoy travelling with your beloved one.

Traveling with someone shouldn’t be hard. Yes, you’re going to bump heads, but you should be able to work it out. It’s just a matter of compromise. They say you should try living together before getting married. But I think it’s necessary to travel together first to test your relationship!

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 Stay thirsty for adventure! It’s a beautiful way to grow together as a couple 🙂

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