San Francisco Tips from a Local

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It’s me, Neema again here, to share with you my favorite city in the whole world – San Francisco! You know nothing beats living in California, well except Bali or Paris if I could afford it.

It’s almost a year now since I moved to California or Northern California, as some would call it. Having lived in the East Coast for over 4 years, it was a nice change. The weather is excellent, yes, very good weather – no more snow, but I still have to deal with the fog and I’m okay with the fog.

Neema enjoying San Francisco

So what do I really love about living in California:

  1. Weather – all year round I can look fabulous in anything and everything
  2. Heart of the U.S. – I can go anywhere and everywhere especially Hawaii. I’m literary less than 5 hours from Hawaii. When I lived in the east coast, it cost over $1200 to go to Hawaii, now I can get a flight as low as $200 – music to my ears.
  3. Activities – Yosemite for camping, Tahoe for snowboarding, Santa Cruz for surfing, beaches in San Diego and Santa Barbara, Hollywood with the stars, wine countries – the list is endless.
  4. Wine and food – Don’t get me started on the wine countries…
  5. Access – Whether I want to go to South California – Los Angeles, San Diego or fly to Asia, California has access to them all and it is so cheap and easy.

I live in San Francisco that I love it so much. And I love that I live at the heart of Silicon Valley where jobs and dreams are made of – you can be a millionaire here if you play your cards right.

I know I spend most of my time at work but every now and then, I get to take the time and enjoy what this city has to offer and these are some of the things I love about San Francisco:

  1. Driving into the city. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate… It’s incredible. And even more incredible at night.
  2. Golden Gate Park – Enjoy and enjoy
  3. The Golden Gate Bridge – Walk from one end to the other or if you like, just bike.

    The Golden Gate Bridge at Night

  4. We invented everything – UberX or Sidecar or Lyft.
  5. Tourist attractions – Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, Union Square, Far East Flea Market etc.
  6. Shopping – You know they have Jimmy Choo and Christian Loubouitin stores in downtown SF? Love it!
  7. Visit the wine country – Ohh how I love wine and the wine countries in San Francisco – Napa, Sonoma, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Alexander Valley – I have wine everywhere and anywhere and all I need is a day and I come at 4 or 5 wineries. So what’s your pick? Pinot, Cabs or even Syrahs – we have it all.
  8. The Charm of Santa Barbara – I’m less than 4 hours away and the drive on Highway as you cross Big Sur into Santa Barbara then, Los Angeles and San Diego is not to be missed.
  9. People here are weird and nice at the same time so take time to enjoy it. It is what makes San Francisco what it is.
  10. You can walk anywhere and everywhere but if the hill becomes too much, just uber it!
  11. We love our costumes and we take every opportunity to wear them. We love to dress up here, try out new outfits, looks etc. New Year’s Eve, Halloween or Burning Man. You take your pick, your special venue for your flavor of self-expression and enjoy how you express yourself.
  12. Food and more food – welcome to food heaven
  13. Multi- cultural – every neighborhood has it all. Italian, chinese etc. and adding to the vibrancy of the city and of course it’s food scene: Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Nepalese, Japanese, El Salvadorian, Burmese, Afghani. I love especially Berkeley where I can get all things African.


    China Town in San Francisco

A couple of reminders when you visit San Francisco:

  • Don’t leave home without a jacket – doesn’t matter if it is 100 degrees outside – you will need it.
  • Visit the wine country – avoid Napa and try Sonoma
  • Tour Alcatraz at night
  • Carry flat shoes – we walk a lot in this city and no one cares. So be as comfortable as you can.

Welcome to San Francisco and when you are here, don’t forget to reach out at and I will be more than happy to show you around.

Am Neema, cheerful, happy, spontaneous,

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