Ton Sai Adventures, Thailand – Interview with Drifter Planet

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  • Who are the Drifter Planet 🙂

We are Sonal (from India) and Sandro (from Germany). We met in a PsyTrance music festival in Koh Tao a few years back. We hopelessly fell in love with each other, travelled together and eventually got married in New Delhi, India. We’re hippies at heart, in love with each other and the world. We have a “Why Not” attitude and want to try almost everything. We have a travel blog called Drifter Planet.

Drifter Planet at Thailand

Drifter Planet at Thailand

  • Where was your favorite trip so far? Why?

Actually, we have a thing for islands BUT our favorite trip together was in Ton Sai in Thailand. Ton Sai is in Krabi’s Railay peninsula and is not an island.

  • Can you share the top 3 things to do in that destination?

    Climb the rocks for amazing viewpoints! Try Railay viewpoint and Lagoon if you’re NOT a professional: View Point and Lagoon can be reached by climbing on the limestone cliffs that are towards the entry part of the beach. Climbing on these cliffs to reach the viewpoint and lagoon is easy but it may not look that way. There’s a rope to hold yourself and the cliff has many points that you can hold on to. The holes on the rocks form natural steps to climb up.

Ton Sai - View from the top

Ton Sai – View from the top

Go for a midnight swim (or a skinny dip) at Phra Nang Cave Beach: is the main attraction of this area and gets crowded during the day. It looks its best at sunsets when the rocks emit a reddish hue.

Phra Nang Beach

Phra Nang Beach

However, this area gets absolutely empty at night because there are no bars on this area and only ONE resort which is super expensive. Try a midnight swim here and see the luminescent glow of planktons if the season is right. Don’t make a lot of noise and please be discreet 🙂 (obviously)

Sunset at Phra Nang Beach

Sunset at Phra Nang Beach

Visit Ton Sai’s cute and colorful bars: The bars in Ton Sai are beautiful. We spent many evenings in a place called Chill Out Café with interesting seating, fire dancers and good music.

Ton Sai Cute Bars

Ton Sai Cute Bars

  • What are the people and culture like over there? Any interesting fact about them?

Just like the rest of the Kingdom of Thailand, the people are extremely warm and friendly. Ton Sai is still not as touristy as many other places, hence the vibe is relaxed and the locals are not money hungry.

  • How can we best prepare for visiting that destination? Any particular things one should do, pack or expect before the trip?

Carry your summer clothes, comfortable walking shoes and a mosquito repellent. Keep in mind that the boat will most likely not drop you directly to Ton Sai because it is a secluded cove, so be ready to walk for 20-ish minutes with your backpack from Railay East pier. This walk involves a little bit of climbing depending on the tide, so this destination is not for everyone – but only the determined backpackers. The electricity supply here runs for only a few hours in a day so carry a power bank and charge your gadgets in advance.

Ton Sai Entry

Ton Sai Entry

  • Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you during that trip?

I have visited this area more than once; however back in 2013 was my first visit. That time I visited this place with a friend. Due to a high tide, our boat left us in a spot with calf length water from where we were supposed to walk for almost two kilometers till the edge. Back then, we were not experienced travelers so were carrying heavy suitcases, not backpacks!

My petite sized friend was offered help by the boat operator. However, I had to put my suitcase over my head and walk for two kilometers. My dilapidated flip flops did not help because the seabed was entirely full of pebbles. The pebbles were pointy and slippery which caused my flip flops to slip away from my feet a few times and each time they floated away, my friend had to grab them because I couldn’t bend with 11 KGs of luggage on my head. Doesn’t sound like that big a deal? Wrong! I made a hilarious sight and I was aware of it. There were people standing in the distance who stopped their normal activities just to point at me and laugh.

  • You are a great travelling couple, can you share few words on the happiness to enjoy travelling with your beloved one.

For San and I, the biggest joy of travelling as a couple is how we push each other out of our comfort zones and do CRAZY things. We have learnt to work together in sync as a team after travelling together to places in Germany, Holland, India and Thailand. Moreover, long conversations are inevitable while travelling together and we end up discovering each other so much more! It’s true that solo travel is a lot of fun; but there’s something magical in travelling as a couple if you find the right partner.

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If you love to travel, then please do yourself a favor and only settle with someone who is equally passionate about travelling. I know so many people who get held back by their partners, family obligations, house mortgage, etc. Please get your priorities right and live the life you want.

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